Our Emergency Standby Power unit (ESP) is a battery-based emergency power supply designed to give you at least an hour of auxiliary power to your electric AI or DG and up to 6 hours of power when paired with the new RCA 2600 Digital Horizon. The ESP can be easily mounted behind the instrument panel and can be used to power your new R.C. Allen instrument, or retrofit your existing electric indicator giving you that extra margin of safety when you least expect it.

The ESP comes complete with a wire harness and panel-mounted status light. Maintenance is easy, the unit recharges itself during flight and does not drain the aircraft battery when aircraft power is off. The ESP utilizes a long lasting lithium polymer battery - the same kind found in most laptop computers.
Do You Have ESP?
Because You Can't Predict The Future...
Lithium-Polymer Battery Backup Unit
TSO-C179 and DO160F Certified
Comes With A Two-Year Warranty
ESP Dimensions